The Team

It all started in Hollywood, California…

Sometimes to find something extraordinary you must have nothing in your hand to start with. This was the case for the creators at the helm of A+R Productions. It’s a risk, you know? To say we can do this on our own. To believe that against all odds that doing this ourselves can actually have any chance at all.

Producers are like lead singers, it’s hard to fit more than one in the room at the same time. This was the stereotype when Ronnie was flown to Los Angeles to write songs for an artist that Angela(unbeknown to Ronnie) was engineering vocals for. After the session, Ronnie and Angela have been together both as team mates in the work place and in life. We call that professional union A+R Productions.

So far, we have been doing quite well indeed. We are a family owned and operated production company who in it’s first year has scored a film, written a book, and released a Billboard Radio chart topping rock album. We create, we are co owners as well as husband and wife and did I mention we did all of that while raising our now Two year old son! One minute Angela is running Pro-Tools while breast feeding and the next Ronnie is changing a loaded diaper while on conference call with upper echelon play makers. Let your imagination do the rest.

We believe there is a need for real organic art and use all forms to express what we consider to be our very best effort at simply remaining true to who we are. We intend to encourage others like us and work together on releases in all of the above mentioned formats along with other artists who share our vision.

Do you have an album that needs production or a movie needing a score? If you like what we do, work with us we can be reached at

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A+R is Husband (Ronnie Winter) and Wife (Angela Winter Defoe) Music Production/Artist duo. Angela a music engineer and producer, and Ronnie rock singer of "Red Jumpsuit apparatus", Drummer and producer have come together naturally. You can say that their music is built on love. "Crazy Little Lover" was written by Angela for Ronnie.